Sun X4100 and Sun X4200 iLOM setup

There are two ways that you can setup the ILOM feature on your SUN X4100 or X4200 series.

1. Through the serial port
2. Through BIOS

Method 1: Through the serial port

1. Connect a laptop to the serial port and console into the machine. You can download the putty application for this.

2. The default username and password is root/changeme

3. Once logged in, change to the SP/network folder

e.g. cd /SP/network

4. Then type in the following command to setup the iLOM ip address

set pendingipaddress=
set pendingipnetmask=
set pendingipgateway=
set pendingipdiscovery=static
set commitpending=true

The following will set the server ILOM ip address to You will need to put your ILOM and network information here.

Method 2: Through the BIOS

1. Another way to configure the ILOM ip address, is through the BIOS. When the server starts, press F2 to enter into the BIOS configuration setup page.

2. Once you are in the BIOS windows, navigate to the “Advance” tab and select the “IPMI 2.0″ option

3. Here in the IPMI section, enter in the ILOM ip information. Make sure to select “Static” if you are using static IP address.

4. Save your settings and restart server.

5. Test logging to the server’s ILOM ip address using a ssh program (e.g. Putty).

3 Comments on Sun X4100 and Sun X4200 iLOM setup

  1. When I connect to Serial port to access the ILOM, I get a console login prompt. How do I get to SP login prompt? I have tried the #. key combination but failed to access it. I don’t knwo the ip of IP for the web interface to access ILOM. Is there a default IP?

  2. Once connected to the serial port and at the console prompt, all you need to do is change the directory with the ‘CD’ command. e.g. cd /SP/network

    There are no default IP address for ILOM. It all depends on how the user set it up.

  3. Hi Sundar,
    Try with combo key Esc + ( You will get the –> SP prompt

    From there you can run the following command to get Network details

    -> show /SP/network

    Its like Mini OS ( Unix ) you can roam by using cd , ls like standard command “set – to configure” “show – to list ” :)

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