How To Add Your App To Google Play?

Now, you have finished creating your android app and are looking to add it to the Google Play store so that millions of users can download it. 😉

How to add your app to Google Play?

1. You need to register for an Google Play Developer account. The registration fee is $25 USD.
* Note: It may take up to 48 hours for the registration to be completely processed.

2. Inside the Google Play Developer Console, you can add your application by clicking on the “+Add new application” link under the All applications section. Fill in the required information.

3. Upload your APK file. This assume that your APK file is exported correctly. If it didn’t, you will be prompted with an error message. You will need to fix the error. Common errors are, the APK file was not zipaligned, your application was not signed, etc…

4. Fill in the Store Listing section. This is were you modify your App Title, description, images,etc… for the Google App Store. Remember to put a

5. Set a price for your app. If it is free, you are done here. But, if the app is a paid app, you would need to create a Google Wallet Merchant account.

6. Once all the required information have been filled, you will see the “Publish this app” button.
* Note: You should always upload the APK file to the alpha or beta section first. This way you can have your testers (you, friends, family, etc…) to test out the new app first before promoting to Production.