Citrix SSL Error 59: The Server sent a security certificate identifying

Recently, we saw a few of these errors on our client’s site.

“Unable to launch your application. Contact your help desk with the following information: Cannot connect to the Citrix XenApp server. SSL Error 59: The server sent a security certificate identifying “”, the SSL connection was to “”

If users can not access any published applications from their workstations but could access them from another computer. The problem is most likely an issue with these users computer.

Here are a few things to try and test

– If using proxy settings, make sure it is set up correctly.

– Scan the computer for viruses/malwares

– Reinstall the Citrix Receiver client

For our client, we found out that a virus was the culprit on these users computer because it has changed their IE’s proxy settings. Once the proxy settings is removed, they were able to access all the published applications.