How to Sync Outlook Public Calendar on Mobile Devices?

Lately, we have gotten a few of these questions

– How can I sync my Outlook public calender on my iPhone?
– Is there a way to have Outlook calender that are inside the public folder to show up on my phone?
– How to have multiple calendars to show up on my phone or table?

If you are using Outlook for your emails then 99% of the time you or your company is using Exchange. With Exchange, there are no options to share or view public folders on your mobile device. The only option is to use third party application if your company needs this feature.

E.g. CodeTwo Exchange Sync
If you are just looking to have multiple calendar on your phone, one trick is to create a separate mailbox and add this account into your device as well. Enable the Calendar syncing on both accounts on the device if you want to see appointments from both mailboxes.