How to buy Ripple coins?

Want to buy Ripple (XRP) coins?

Below are steps you can easily do this

1 – You will need to set up a digital wallet
E.g. In this example, we will be using digital wallet from Coinbase.

If you do not have a Coinbase account, you can click on the below link to sign up an account.

2 – Once you have create a Coinbase account, you would need to add funds into your account. With Coinbase, you can add money by linking to your bank account or credit card. The credit card process is very simple. Coinbase will make tiny charges on the card. You will need to enter these into their verification step.

3 – Once the Coinbase account is verified and fund added, buy some Bitcoin. You do not need to buy 1 whole coin, instead we are buy a part of a coin.

E.g. you can put $100 on it. This will be use later when we are buying Ripple (XRP) coins.

4 – Okay, now we need to sign up and open a Binance account. This is the exchange where you will be able to buy Ripple coins and other altcoins.


5 – Now, you are all set, to buy Ripple coins just deposit money into your Binance account with your bitcoin wallet address.


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