Install components from windows media Windows 2008 Print server 32bit error

Windows 2008 Print Server (64bits)

If you have installed and setup a Windows 2008 Print server (64bits) and want to share out printers to XP clients or other 32bits machines. You will need to also include the 32 bits version of the printer driver. You can do this with the ‘Additional drivers’ from the ‘Sharing’ tab on the properties page of a printer. In my scenario, I have mainly HP printers, old ones too. So, the only way for me to get it to work was to use the ‘HP Universal Drivers’. For newer models, make sure you downloaded the drivers from the vendor’s website. Also, both the 64bits and 32bits drivers need to be of the same name. Otherwise, it won’t work.

Error: install components from windows media print server 32bit