How to enable Wake on LAN WOL

To enable Wake on LAN or for short WOL or PME, you will need to make sure that your hardware supports it. There are two places you will need to check.

2. Network Adapter

Once you are sure that your hardware supports WOL, you will need to enable it.

To enable WOL or PME in the BIOS, first you will need to enter into the BIOS setup. Look for the WOL or PME settings. This is usually under the Power Management section.

To enable WOL on a Network Adapter, you will need to go into the Properties of the adapter. Look for ‘WOL shutdown’ or something relative to WOL. Every vendors have different name for them. Make sure to check the two checkboxes on the ‘Power Management’ tab

How to use the WOL feature?

There are a lot of free programs out there that will do this. You will just need to provide the correct MAC and IP address of the Network adapter on the computer.