$INPLACE.~TR and $WINDOWS.~Q folders

If you have noticed the following two hidden folders in your C:\ drive and wondering what the hack are these folders and are they safe.


You do not need to be alarmed. These two folders are backup folders that were left behind when you upgraded Microsoft Vista to Microsoft 7.

You can safely delete them if you want. It will also freed up hard disk spaces on your computer too.

Since these two folders are hidden, you will need to unhide it first. But, if you have noticed these two folders in the first place that mean you have already set the folders view to show hidden files. Login with as an administrator and highlight the two folders and press deleted.

If you can’t browse into the two folders, this is because you do not have the correct permissions to access them. Right click on the folder and go to the “Properties” page. Click on the “Security” tab and then the “Advanced” button. Under the “Permissions” tab, click “Change Permissions”. Click on the “Add” button and add your username into the list. Make sure to give yourself “Full control” permissions.