How To Disable Netbios In Windows?

To disable NetBIOS, you will need to go into your network interface adapter settings under Control Panel in Windows.

Look for the ‘Network Connections‘ in Windows XP. For Vista/Windows 7, it is located in a different folder ‘Network and Sharing Center‘.

– Right-click on an LAN adapter and select “Properties

Once you are in the “Properties” page, highlight the “Internet Protocol(TCP/IP)” option and click the “Properties” button.

– Click the “Advanced…” button
– Click on the ‘WINS‘ tab
– Choose the ‘Disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP

Click ‘OK‘ twice and then ‘Close

This will disable Netbios on this interface.

How to view NetBIOS settings in Windows?

You can type in the following command to view NetBIOS settings.



nbtstat -c

Another good command to use is the ‘net‘ command.

You can use this to hide a server from the browsers list.

net config server /hidden:yes

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  1. Daniel Morgan // April 27, 2011 at 6:10 pm //

    Thanks this really helped me. all the other sites just say random stuff that dosent actually say how to disable netbios, but this did so thanks again

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