How To Share Custom Contacts Folder In Outlook?

To share Contacts folder in Outlook, you will need to set and give permissions to the other person.

Below are instructions on how to do this

On your Outlook or the person that is sharing their contacts:

– Go to the “Delegates” tab under the “Options” menu. (“Tools->Options”).
– In the Delegates windows, click on the ‘Add‘ button to add the user that you want to grant permissions to.
– Select “Reviewer” on the Contacts drop down. This will give him or her Read-Only rights.

Other Options:
None -> None
Auther -> Read and Create
Editor -> Read, Create, and Edit

– Change everything else (e.g. Calendar, Tasks, Inbox, Notes, Journal…) to “None
– Apply settings
– Go to your “Contacts” folders by clicking on the “Contacts‘ button
– Double check all contacts folders (including custom ones that you want to share) and see if they have the correct permission for the new user. If not, you will need to add and give it “Reviewers” rights.

On the user’s Outlook, they will need to have their Outlook settings modify.

– First, go to their Account settings (Tools->Account Settings) and select their account
– Highlight the account and Choose “Change
– You will see a “More Settings” option. Click it.
– Choose the “Advance” tab
– Add the user name or the person that is sharing his or her contacts folders
– Click Apply and Ok to exit out
– Click on the “Contacts” button, this person will now see all the contacts folders from your mailbox.

* On Outlook 2010, you might need to actually expand your mailbox first in the “Mail” section before you will be able to see the contacts folders.