How to repair .exe and .reg file associations?

When a machine loses its file associations to the .exe and .reg, it will prompt you with the Open With windows everytime you wanted to run these files. The reason whythe machine loses its associations is most likely from viruses or malwares. Make sure to run a virus and malware scan afterware.

How to associated .exe and .reg files:

– First go into the Task Manager

– On the “File” menu, click on the “New Task (Run)” option

– The Command Prompt will pops up, type in the following command

assoc .exe=exefile
assoc .reg=regfile

– Now, you should be able to run exe in the command prompt to install the necessary scanning software.

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  1. assoc .exe=exefile
    assoc .reg=regfile
    is not correct. its shows an error “we cannot find “assoc.”

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