How To Move The Exchange CMS To Passive Node From Active Node?

Below are the steps on how to move and transfer the active node role to the passive node. This is useful when doing server updates or upgrades.

This is also the preferred way to move the Clustered Mailbox Server in a CCR environment. It will perform health checks on the passive node to determine if it can accept the handoff.

1. Open Exchange Management Console from the Active Node

2. Click on the ‘Server Configuration’ section

3. Click on ‘Mailbox’

4. On the right-hand side, click on the ‘Manage Clustered Mailbox Server’

5. Select ‘Move the Clustered Mailbox Server to Another Node’

6. Click ‘Next’

7. Select the Passive node that will be the Active Node

8. On the Progress section, click on ‘Move’

Other options

– Failover Cluster Management Tool
– Cluster.exe Command
– Cluster Administrator
– Shutdown the Active Node and let it failover

* Remember, there will be a brief disruption in the exchange connection.