How to move mailbox with the move-mailbox cmdlet?

If you need to move mailboxes over from one domain into another. Here’s a script on how to do it.

1. Start the Microsoft Exchange Shell

2. Type in the following commands to set the source and target credentials.

$SourceCredential = Get-Credential

$TargetCredential = Get-Credential

3. Type in the following command to move the mailbox.

Move-Mailbox -TargetDatabase “MBX\First Storage Group\Mailbox Database” -Identity Username -GlobalCatalog ‘TargetGC_name‘ -SourceForestGlobalCatalog ‘SourceGC_name‘ -AllowMerge -SourceForestCredential $SourceCredential -TargetForestCredential $TargetCredential -Confirm:$false -IgnorePolicyMatch:$true

Make sure that your Domain Controller is at least Windows 2003, and the Exchange Server is 2003 SP1 too.