Event ID 9774

Today, our Exchange server is experiencing the following error

Corrupt Message detected.
Fid = 1-2532F23859 ; Mid = 1-2234FBEEFC ;
Some or all properties of this message will not be transferred correctly.

This is the first time we experienced this type of error. It seems to be a corrupted folder or mailbox. The Fid is the folder ID and the Mid is the message ID. In order to find out all the folders/messages IDs, we have to download and run the PFDAVAdmin application. Click here to download.

You will need to use the export feature from PFDAVAdmin to export all the mailbox information to a text file.

PFDAVAdmin – How to export mailbox information to text file?

1. Click on ‘File’ and choose ‘Connect’
2. Fill in the server and login information.
3. Choose ‘All mailboxes’
4. Under the ‘Tools’ menu, choose ‘Export Property’
5. Enter the output file name on the ‘Output file’ section
6. Select only the ‘PR_DISPLAY_NAME’ and ‘ptagFID’ in the ‘Properties to Export’ section
7. Click ‘Ok’
8. Search the Fid from the new exported text file.

Once you know which mailbox is causing the problem, one way to fix this error is by moving the mailbox to another storage group and then move it back.
Another way, is to delete the corrupted message.