How To Find My Lost iPhone?

I have recently lost my iphone coming back from a vacation trip. Lucky when I first got my iPhone, I have listened to a friend and installed the “Find My iPhone” app to it. With this app, I can log into their website and use their “Find My iPhone” link to locate my lost iPhone. Eventhough, the GPS location wasn’t 100% accurate but it did gave me a close enough radius range that I can locate my phone. Apparently, my iPhone fell out during the taxi ride home without me knowing. The GPS location shows that the Taxi company is within what the Find My iPhone radius. I then contacted the Taxi company and they was able to find my phone. Guess I was lucky, because I have heard that some taxi drivers would not have been that nice and will have kept the phone to themselves. For cases like these, it is best to call and get the cops involved.

Find My iPhone

You can use this to find lost iPad or find lost ipod too.