How To Find My Lost Android Phone?

Today, one of our user lost her android phone. The phone contains all her contacts information and some important files. So we did some researching and found some useful apps that can help her locate the lost phone.

Below are a few apps from the Android Market where you can download and install to track your lost or stolen phone.

Lookout (Best) : It is also an antivirus scanner.

Wheres My Android


Android Lost

You can log in to the Android Market to install these Apps remotely. Usually, you will need to send a text message to the lost or stolen phone so that it sends back its GPS location.

What happen if I didn’t have these apps setup in the first place?

If you didn’t install any lost phone apps in the first place, another option is to download the “Plan B” apps from the Android Market. Once downloaded and installed remotely, it will automatically send an email to the phone’s email account. If not, you will need to text your phone with the word “locate” to initiate the locating process.