How to delete message from mailboxes in Exchange?

hmm… you learn something new every day. Today I learned that you can delete an email from any users mailboxes in Exchange. This is useful if you or any one that sent an email by mistake to another user. The program to do this is ‘ExMerge’.

1. Start the ‘ExMerge’ program.

2. Click on the ‘Two Steps Procedure’ option and press ‘Next’

3. Choose the ‘Step 1: Extract data from and Exchange Server Mailbox’ and press ‘Next’

4. Type in your Server information and click on the ‘Options’ button

5. On the ‘Data’ tab choose ‘User Messages and Folders’

6. On the ‘Import Procedure’ choose ‘Archive Data To Target Store’

7. On the ‘Folders’, ‘Dates’, and ‘Message Details’ type in your criteria. It is better to type in the exact text of the Subject, otherwise you might accidentally delete other emails.

8. On the next page, you will be prompted to select the mailboxes to apply this to. Do that and press ‘Next’

9. Click Next until Finish.

10. You now have removed those unwanted emails from users mailboxes. It should be saved on a PST file.

Click link below to download ‘ExMerge’.