Event ID 9358 and Event ID 9331

Event ID: 9358

OALGen could not update the timestamp of the previous version of offline address list ‘\Global Address List’. Please check earlier event log messages for the specific error.
– Default Offline Address Book

Event ID: 9331

OALGen encountered error 8004010f (internal ID 501080c) accessing the public folder store while generating the offline address list for address list ‘\Global Address List’.
– Default Offline Address Book

Recently we were getting the following two event id on our event logs. Searching all over the web, we still haven’t found a solution for it yet. Still this all started happening when our Exchange CCR active node failed over to the passive node. We are going to see if we failed back to the active node this problem will go away.

Even though we are seeing these two errors on our server, Offline Address Book are working. Users are downloading the latest changes. We have created a new mailbox and it is showing up on all of our Outlook clients.