VMWare: There is no more space for virtual disk

Today, we have experienced the following error message on one of our VM server.

There is no more space for virtual disk /vmfs/volumes/{asdfa123}/*.vmdk. You might be able to continue this session by freeing disk space on the relevant volume, and clicking Retry. Click Cancel to terminate this session.

Below are steps on how we troubleshoot this issue

Looking at the error message, it is pointing to one of the volume on the VM server that is having the space issue. We then logged into VCenter to check on the datastore for this server. It turns out that in fact one of the datastore, not the one from the error message though, is low in space (<10MB). Once we extended and gave more space to the volume, the VM server was able to start up and working correctly again.

Other things to look for,

– Check if there are any SnapShots for VM. Delete or consolidate them to free up spaces