VM Converter failed at 95% – Reconfiguration failed

Recently, I’ve tested the VM Converter on a Windows 2003 Server. The VM converter was installed on another station for client and server installation. We was trying to convert a Windows 2003 server from physical to virtual (p2v). The conversion went fine up to 95% and then it failed and gave an “Reconfiguration Failed” error message.

Troubleshooting the error logs, I was able to find out why it was failing. Like the error message said, it failed on the reconfiguration step. It seems that the VM converter was having a problem reconfiguring. In our case, it was the D drive on this server. The D drive wasn’t a system drive. So it was okay to manually copy the data on it after the system conversion. Once we removed the D drive from the conversion, VM converter was able to convert this server to a virtual machine.