Montessori Sets: Triangle with a Great Additional Item

Arranging a playing area in a child's room is not just about buying attractive toys! Modern trends invite parents to install Montessori furniture in the children's room. It will allow them to entertain toddlers and at the same time develop their physical skills & creativity.

In addition to balancing board and arch, the Pikler triangle and the montessori ramps are also popular. How to use them in a set? Is it worth buying a complex, or is one triangle enough? What material is optimal material/paint for such furniture? Let's figure it out!

Triangle & Ramp Set

Pickler's triangle often comes with a special ramp that makes the game even more interesting for the kid. The triangle itself consists of two fastened stairs with closely spaced round rungs. This element doesn`t need to be fixed to the floor or wall — it is quite stable on its own.

A ramp is an additional element that allows you to turn an ordinary ladder into a slide or a climbing base. In general, it is better to purchase a set of Montessori furniture, as sooner or later the child will master one stuff piece and want to develop further. In addition to the triangle and ramp, parents can complement the complex with a balancing board and an arch.

Montessori Ramp Advantages

So, what is the practical point of purchasing a set of a triangle and a ramp for a nursery? Some parents decide to first take only the main item and then buy an additional element, but this is not practical. The ramp has several key benefits:

  • the ramp allows you to diversify the physical activity for the child;
  • the ramp is double-sided — one side is equipped with elements for climbing, and the second is smooth so that the toddler can slide;
  • the item is firmly and securely connected to the triangle, so it fits much better than a random board from dad's garage;
  • it is more profitable to buy a triangle & ramp set than separately.

In addition, if in the future parents decide to also purchase an arch, then the ramp will help them to combine two items into a full-fledged sports complex. The child will have much more space for games and physical activity.

Choosing Ideal Montessori Sets

Despite the huge number of Montessori furniture manufacturers, families need to pay attention to the requirements for such fitting elements:

  • choose stuff only from natural material — only polished wood, no plastic;
  • choose elements without paint or with hypoallergenic paint;
  • make sure that all decorative elements on the triangle or ramp do not have sharp ends or protruding parts, and that they are firmly attached.

It`s also important to check the quality of the brand's products — be sure to ask the store representative what international standards the organization uses in the production of furniture for babies.