Microsoft’s Failover and Network Load Balancing Clustering

Found this awesome resource on Clustering and High Availability from the Microsoft site.

General Resources

· Cluster Team Site: Clustering Technical Resources

· Guide: Failover Clustering Deployment

· Guide: Validating Hardware for a Failover Cluster

· Guide: Migrating Cluster Settings

· Guide: Configuring the Quorum in a Failover Cluster

· Guide: Configuring Accounts in Active Directory

· Guide: Configure a Service or Application for High Availability

· Guide: Modifying Settings for a Failover Cluster

· Guide: Installing a Failover Cluster

· Guide: Creating a Failover Cluster

· Guide: Cluster Requirements

· Guide: Validating a cluster

· Guide: Managing a Failover Cluster

· Guide: The Failover Cluster Management Snap-In

· TechNet: Support Policy

· Webcast: Top 10 Windows Server 2008 Failover Clustering Enhancements over Windows Server 2003 Clustering, Based on Best Practices (Level 300)

· Webcast: Failover Clustering 101

· Webcast: Achieving High Availability with Windows Server “Longhorn” Clustering (Level 200)

· Whitepaper: Failover Cluster Architecture Overview

· Whitepaper: Microsoft’s HA Strategy

· Whitepaper: Overview of Failover Clustering


· Utility: Remote Server Administration Tools (simplifies Server Core configurations)

· Guide: Server Core

· TechNet: Installation

· Webcast: How Microsoft does IT: Enhancing High Availability with Server Core in Windows Server 2008

Exchange Server

File Server

· Guide: Configuring a Two-Node File Server Failover Cluster

· TechNet: Creating a Clustered File Server checklist

· TechNet: Create a Shared Folder in a Clustered File Server

· WebCast: TechNet Webcast: Prepare Yourself for Windows Server 2008 (Part 5 of 8): New File Server Features

· WebCast: How Microsoft IT Deploys Windows 2008 Clusters for File Services

· Webcast: New File Server Features of Windows Server 2008 (Level 200)


· Guide: Testing Hyper-V and Failover Clustering

· Guide: Getting Started with Hyper-V

· Guide: Design for a Failover Cluster in Which All Nodes Run Hyper-V

· TechNet: High-Availability for a Server Running Hyper-V

· TechNet: Requirements and Recommendations for Failover Clusters in Which All Nodes Run Hyper-V

· TechNet: Failover Cluster in which the Servers run Hyper-V

· Webcast: TechNet Webcast: High Availability with Hyper-V

· Webcast: TechNet Webcast: 24 Hours of Windows Server 2008 (Part 24 of 24): High Availability with Hyper-V

· Webcast: TechNet Webcast: Creating Business Continuity Solutions Using Windows Virtualization

· Whitepaper: Quick Migration with Hyper-V

Multi-Site Clustering

· Cluster Team Site:

· Guide: Deployment Considerations for Windows Server 2008 failover cluster nodes on different, routed subnets

· Webcast: TechNet Webcast: Geographically Dispersed Failover Clustering in Windows Server 2008 Enterprise

· Webcast: How You Can Achieve Greater Availability with Failover Clustering Across Multiple Sites (Level 300)

· Whitepaper: Multi-site Clustering

Network Load Balancing

· Guide: NLB Troubleshooting Overview

· Guide: Server Core: Install the NLB feature

· Guide: Create/manage/destroy NLB clusters via NLB Manager remotely from another server, or from RSAT client (admin pack) on Vista

· TechNet: Configuring NLB with Terminal Services

· TechNet: NLB Deployment Guide

· TechNet: Implementing a new NLB Cluste r

· TechNet: Verifying the NLB Cluster and Enabling Client Access

· TechNet: Overview of NLB

· TechNet: Creating NLB Clusters

· TechNet: Managing NLB Clusters

· TechNet: Setting NLB Parameters

· TechNet: Controlling Hosts on NLB clusters

· TechNet: Troubleshooting for System Event Messages Related to NLB Cluster

· TechNet: User Interface: NLB Manager

· TechNet: Upgrading a NLB Cluster

· Webcast: 24 Hours of Windows Server 2008 (Part 23 of 24): Failover Clustering and Network Load Balancing

SQL Server