How to System Recovery Boot Menu with Acronis?

Creating an Acronis System Restore option in the system boot menu

1. Once you have finished building a clean machine with all the necessary standard software and drivers, you will need to Sysprep it.

2. Load and boot from the Acronis Boot CD

3. At the bottom of the screen, select the “Activate Acronis Startup Recovery Manager” option. This will create the recovery partition on the machine.

4. After that, choose the “Backup” option to backup your machine and save the image into the “Acronis Secure Zone” section.

* Note: if the backup image is larger than the Secure Zone, you will need to increase the size for it by using the “Manage Acronis Secure Zone” option on the main page.

5. Once the backup is done, do a test by restarting the machine. During machine startup, there should be an Acronis Restore Option F11.

Restoring from an Acronis System Restore image

1. Press the F11 key at the Acronis System Restore menu

2. Go into the Acronis program

3. Choose the “Recovery” option and restore from the “Acronis Secure Zone”

4. Select the “Restore disks or partitions” option

5. Check the disk(s) that you want to restore. Usually for laptop, it only has one disk so it is “Disk1″.

6. On the next page, select “Yes, I want to delete all partitions on the destination hard disk drive before restoring.”

7. Choose “No, I do not” on the next page

8. Click on “Next” and then “Proceed” to start the restore process.