How To Create A Custom FrontPage In Drupal?

There are several methods in creating a custom home page in Drupal. Below are just some ways you can use in creating a new home page.

– With Node
– With Views
– With template file

With node

This is the simpliest, but you can’t customize much with this method. To create a new homepage, you will need to create a content node page and then point the homepage path to the newly created node in the ‘Configuration’ page.

With Views

This is to me the hardest. You might as well use the third method and create a new template file for the front page.

With Template File

To create a new home page with template file. First, you will need to make a copy of your current theme’s ‘page.tlp.php‘ file located in your theme folder.
Next, rename the copied file to ‘page-front.tpl.php‘ for Drupal 6 and ‘page–front.tpl.php‘ for Drupal 7. Now, edit and customize the new template file. Drupal will automatically switch to this file.