Basic Drupal Modules for a Website

Below is our list of the basic drupal modules to install when building a website.

1. Adsense – For adding Google Ads onto your site.

2.Image – Allow users to upload images to your site.

3.ImageApi – Allow users to upload images to your site.

4.FCKeditor – Allow your users to use a WYSIWYG editor when creating contents instead of the basic default text editor

5.Nodewords – Allow you to set Meta tags for the site. Great for SEO

6.IMCE – Image file uploader

7.PageTitle – Enable you to change page titles for your site

8.PathAuto – Enable your site to use alias for path

9.SEO Checklist – Checklist for SEO best practice

10.Token – Provide token actions

11.XMLSitemap – Generate sitemaps for you site

12.Views – Control how to show your contents.

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