Circuit Turn Up

If you have worked in the IT field long enough, you might come across the term “Circuit Turn-Up”. This is the process where the ISP will call the customer side to activate and test their circuit(s). Both the ISP and customer will need to work together during this process. The Circuit turn-up process usually required the customer to be on-site because the ISP needs to do speed tests from the customer’s side.

Below are some of the items you should check and prepare for during the Circuit Turn Up process:

– Make sure all cables are properly connected in the customer side. e.g. Check if cables are properly connected from the router to the CSU/DSU. Check cables from the CSU/DSU to the ISP circuit.

– Make sure the circuit is up. Usually the ISP will notify the customer when the circuit is up and ready on their ends.

– Make sure to have a laptop that is fully charged and ethernet cable with you. You will need this to do the speed test.
* You might want to bring an extra charger too. The Turn Up process can last 2 to 3 hours.

– Make sure to do a final test by connecting to your equipment and not the ISP router.