How To Delete Or Create A Service In Windows?

How to Delete a Service from Windows?

There are three ways that you can delete and remove a service from Windows.

1. The easiest and cleanest is to use the Add and Remove program from Control panel.

2. If the application doesn’t have an uninstall option, you can use the ‘SC.exe’ utility and run it in a command prompt window.

e.g. sc delete servicename

* You can just type ‘sc’ on a command prompt for more information on the syntax.

3. You can remove a service from the registry. Go to the following path


and right-click on any services that you don’t need.

How to Create a Service in Windows?

To create and add a service into Windows, you will need to use the ‘SC.exe’ utility.

e.g. sc create servicename

Make sure to restart the machine after you created or deleted a service from Windows.