How to Configure Virtual Servers Failover for Citrix Netscaler?

Below are instructions on configuring Virtual Servers failover in a Netscaler device

1. Login to the Configuration page for the Netscaler

2. Find the Virtual Servers and Services node and expand it

3. Click on Services and choose “ADD”

4. Type in the Service Name (e.g. NODE1) and Server IP address for the first Node and click “Create” to add

5. Do the same to add the second Node (NODE2)

6. Now with both Services nodes created, we can go ahead and create the Virtual server to link them.

7. Click on the Virtual Servers and choose “ADD”

8. Type in a Virtual Server name (e.g. VServer1) and choose ONLY one node from the Services nodes that you created earlier. (Choose NODE1 for this example)

9. Do the same and create a second Virtual Server name (e.g. VServer2). This time choose NODE2 as its service node.

10. Now open VServer1 and under the “Advanced” tab, look for the “Backup Virtual Server” option and choose VServer2 as a backup server.