How to add Users to a Cisco router?

Here are the commands to add an user account to the local Cisco IOS database

1. You will need to be in the configuration mode, console into the Cisco device and type ‘config t’ to go into the configuration mode

e.g. config t

2. Type in ‘username John password cisco’

In this example, John is the user name and cisco is the password

Also, if you want to set privileges to those user accounts you can add the ‘priv’ parameter to it

e.g. username John priv 15 password cisco

In this example, John will have the administrator rights (level 15 – the highest) to the cisco device. Privilege level 0 is the lowest.

Now, with the users account set.

** Note: Make sure you also enable the ‘aaa’ command

e.g. aaa new-model
aaa authentication login default local

The first line enable the authentication, authorization and accounting.
The second line tells it to use the local username database

You will need to tell the console or telnet to use the local ISO database.

1. In the configuration mode, type in ‘line con 0′ <– this will configure the console

2. Type in ‘login local’ <— tell it to use the Cisco local iso database

3. Type in ‘line vty 0 4′ <– this will configure telnet

4. Type in ‘login local’ <– tell it to use the Cisco local ISO database

5. exit out

Now you have configured your Cisco Router to access username from its local database.