How to access Network Connections using runas?

Once in a while you will need to login to an user’s computer and modify its network connection. E.g. when you need to release and renew an IP address without rebooting the machine.

One way to do this is by being an administrator, but the problem is that for the “Network Connections” there is no “runas” option when you shift+right-click on the “Network Connections” icon.

Searching online, I can only find one working method. And this is by running IE as an administrator.

Below are steps on how to use the “runas” command to become an administrator on a machine that has limited rights.

1. Right-Click on the IE icon and select the “runas” option

* sometimes you might get an error on this, if so you will need to type the following command under the command prompt
e.g. runas /user:yourmachinename\Administrator “%Programfiles%\internet explorer\iexplore.exe -nohome”

2. Open the “Task Manager” and ends the “explorer.exe” process

3. In the new IE instance, type in the following


4. Now you are logged in as Administrator and can navigate to the “Network Connections” icon and make your changes.

5. Once completed, you can end the “explorer.exe” process again in Task Manager/

6. Start back the “explorer.exe” file again but this time from the Task Manager windows.

e.g. File->New Task->c:\windows\explorer.exe

7. Now, you should be logged back as the normal user.